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treatment center temperature

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  • treatment center temperature

    In my treatment center located in South Bend, IN (South Bend West Center) I've found the following inconsistencies in temperature. In the Summer months the treatment center temperature is cooled to 72 degrees. On September 9th and September 11th 2020 the treatment center temperature was 66 degrees. The Supervisor states that the temperature is controlled at an offsite facility, and unfortunately cannot be maintained by treatment center staff. I wear a flannel shirt and goose-down vest, flannel lined trousers as well as 2 blankets during my 4 hour treatment. At 66 degrees I am still very cold and extremely uncomfortable. I filed a grievance last Winter (included documentation with daily temperatures), to no avail. Who do you recommend I escalate this concern to? My patient advocate at the treatment center does not have the authority or ability to escalate within my center. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    I believe that grievances to dialysis centers generally get forwarded to Ms. Helen Waite. In the mean time, get yourself one of those small electric blankets they sell at Costco.


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