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    Hello Reader,
    I’m a type II diabetic since 1998 and End Stage Renal Disease since Aug 2017. And now I just received my HepC Kidney Transplant and feel truly blessed for the adjustments going forward.
    Here’s my short story since 2015.
    During the winter of 2015 we completed a complex assets sale of the Ocean Carrier and Marine Terminal Operators that I was part of, to Hoegh Autoliners. During May 2016 I found myself depressed, as though I had just lost two children (the boy was my ocean RoRo carrier & the girl was the Terminal RoRo Processing Operator). Yes we had successfully sold the companies, yes we had saved 100 jobs and thus 100 families sustenance gong forward; but my emptiness was acute. It went downhill from there. Though I helped my former principals open an NVOCC / Freight Forwarder to channel most of our current business in the US, I simply could not shake off this emptiness. It was inexplicably strange, specially to a logical person.
    By end August 2017 my kidneys failed and I went from 72Kg to 107Kg in 1 week. I entered Jackson Memorial hospital emergency room with hyper tension and super bloated, almost unable to breathe.
    They installed a temporary neck catheter and through it I underwent my first 3 dialysis. Then they installed a chest catheter directly connects to the aorta for future hemodialysis access. I was discharged and started life with dialysis at a hospice dialysis (no idea why was I sent there) where most of not all elderly patients would come from their rooms shivering in cold and crying. I was astonished and asking whether this was going to be my life going forward. Horrible....
    Then my catheter got contaminated at this hospice center and went again to the ER where was admitted and the catheter replaced and all my blood cleaned out.
    Then at Jackson they performed a radial f?*stula surgery to set up my rather permanent treatment access through my left arm. I decided to look for another hemodialysis center and was blessed to have found Davita Florida Renal at 5300 w Flagler Street, in the heart of Miami, Fl. Yes they are colorful and loud, but full of love, and instill human dignity through and through. Nurses and techs are simply a God send.
    I registered for the UNOS list and initially was offered to also registered for HepC diseased donorsc which I initially rejected.
    1 year later, at around December 2018 during my yearly renewal all day tests, I choose to accept potentially HepC diseased donors; for this is a shorter list & HepC is successfully ttratable and cured within 3 months post transplant.
    On sunday Aug 4, 2019 I received the so anxiously expected call from Jackson where they explain the circumstance and a long etc of the diseased donor kidney. They also ask you whether you accept or reject this kidney. I accepted it. I underwent transplant on Monday Aug 5, 2019. It has been 1 week where I expect to be discharged by Monday Aug 12, 2019 to continue a long recovery process which requires enhanced commitment and focus from oneself.
    I am truly thankful to my Family, to Davita, to my team of surgeons to the nurses as well as and primarily to God our Father Whom has the Misericord to grant me this beautiful miracle and another chance at LIFE!
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