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Why can't we get decent wi-fi?

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  • Why can't we get decent wi-fi?

    Davita bills $6250 a session but we customers don't have wi-fi for the 6 hours we sit in a chair. It's like a long flight, minus the lavatory and drink cart. We should at least get good internet. The idea of sleeping through all the alarms and loud staff is a joke. Please.

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    krgriffith-My husband bought me a Kindle and I get free library books to read from the library. Also, Amazon has some free books . I can't consentrate on shows which are reruns anyways or programs I don't want to see. Keeping your mind occupied is very important. When I read it distracts me from what is going on around me. The beeps sometime distracts me but that is usually the chair behind me. I also have some music and games on the Kindle. I have a good center with TV wi-fi and game boards. I have my Kindle so I don't use them. Most of the men seem to be able to sleep real well.


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      how do you sign in to the Davita wi-fi? where do you get the username/password?


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        when you'r at Davita go to your settings and find wi-fi. Have your device (cell phone, tablet, laptop...etc) search for a signal. When you see Davita pop up select it. Then you put if you are a patient or guest and sign in with your info. You do have to be "registered" already. This can be done for free from the Davita website. Hope this helps.