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DaVita Norwalk CT.. is GREAT!!!

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  • DaVita Norwalk CT.. is GREAT!!!

    I must say im 42 and i have Polycystic Kidney Disease and had renal failure on Dec 4 2010. and Ive been at DaVita for almost 6 month. And the Staff there is like family to me now. Ive come to love the staff there for helping my quality of life to be the best it can be!!! For this i offered to donate 1 day a week to work and help out the staff in anyway i can. i passed the backround check. and think im starting in 2 weeks. i must give something back somehow to the people helping me. i cant say enough I LOVE my DaVita People..

    thank you
    read my story.

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    Re: DaVita Norwalk CT.. is GREAT!!! Pinehurst is better

    Well I can't let this go by without comment. I have been with DaVita at Pinehurst for more than 5 years and I just can't let your comment go unchallenged.

    Pinehurst DaVita is my family. They are the best they can be.
    I would not trade them for any other facility in the USA.

    I did give them a day a week for 3 years and am just too old to do it anymore. Trust me, nothing will make you fel better than helping others. It will be the biggest blessing you have ever had.
    Best regards and thanks for volunteering
    May God have mercy on us all


    Idiopathic globular membranous nephritis 1999-2006
    Feb 2006 Dx about 1-2 yrs before dialysis. Dialysis start 6-2006
    Chest Cath 4 mos in center hemo dialysis
    Fistula, button holes, self stick days 07-09 in center hemo
    Graft nocturnal hemo 4Q09 to present