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    Originally posted by cicero View Post
    Last night was my first night, what a breeze, new, adjustable beds, lights out, no snorers, yet, woke up just before the 8 hours was expired.
    can't say I feel much different, but maybe I do. I normally feel good except when cramps appear.
    Big negative the amount of stuff you have to lug. Going to have to solve that. Until now I walked to dialysis, now I hire a moving van.
    Waiting with bated breath for the first months KT/v.
    2nd negative, Gotta get a job of some kind. Its not lunch yet and raining outside and I am bored out of my gourd. I had forgotten what a Monday looked like starting at 6 and ending whenever and all yours!
    If you have to go, what a way to go.
    I've been on nocturnal for 2 months now. Its ok except we don't have beds. Doing 8 grs in that chair is torture but I tolerate the 8 hr way better than the 4 hr daytime run. What Davita center are you going to? I want to email or center Admin and tell her there are Davits sites with beds for their nocturnal patients. Thanks...


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      What's it like to work 9-5 after doing in-center nocturnal hemodialysis? After a session, do you experience fatigue or find it difficult in any way to get to your job on time? I'm having fistula surgery in a couple of days and won't start dialysis until this winter, but I want to know if my work schedule may need adjusting to accommodate this new experience. (I can't afford to switch to a part-time office schedule, so I would just have to arrange for some teleworking when necessary.)