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Cramping after dailysis-

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  • Cramping after dailysis-

    I am tring to get my dry wieght down but having some cramping any ideas. That I can stop cramping with certain foods or drinks?

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    Dry weight is a very ambiguous term. The "science" behind the concept of dry weight is even moreso. If you are cramping after dialysis, then you have most likely gone beyond your dry weight which is why you are getting cramps. Dialysis removes water from the red blood cells which makes the cells smaller. This is why many dialysis patients' blood pressure drops during their session. Dialysis also removes all the water soluble vitamins which includes all the B's and several others, as well as potassium. Cramping has nothing to do with food or drink. Lastly, changes in intra or extracellular balance of potassium and concentration of ionized calcium can disturb neuromuscular transmission and produce cramps. There are hundreds of excellent websites you can go to and do some research on this subject. Try sticking with websites that are education based, like teaching University sites, The National Institute of Health, reputable places and not forums that simply include people's opinions. This may help.


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      the goofy: To get your dry weight down you have to lose weight in a natural way. Lovingwife explained dry weight real well. It is important that you read all you an about dialysis (dry weight), diet, what blood work shows, etc so that you are well informed. Example. I have lost weight since starting dialysis. My center had my dry weight at 92.5K. After coming in for a centain amount of time, they noticed I was not gaining in weight like when I started. They changed the dry weight to 91.5K. Last treatment I knew I had lost some more weight so they downed the dry weight to 91K. I left the sesson at 90.9 with no cramping or fainting. I expect that they will either make a final discussion tonight as o if they dry weight will be 91K or 90.5K.


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        hello all,
        started home dialysis this past Monday and not doing to well, ever drain from 3rd to 6th is nothing but pain, i have bad pains now in both my kidneys and its been like this since Thursday.Can anyone help me and advise if they have had such issues with this? my PD nurse says this is normal but l know my body and this pain is not normal.


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          The most common cause of this is drinking a lot of fluid between dialysis treatments. I am a writer and I wrote many papers about it. So I have a little knowledge of it which I shard with you. I also like your information because here a lot of information about dialysis in your post.
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