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  • Need support

    Is anyone here a drug addict?

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    I am not a drug addict, however I would like to share with you of a High that has no equal and who will give you the best support and help you will ever need. First the provision of this High is already available to you and it will not cost you a thing, it’s absolutely free. It comes as a free gift, there is no judgment, shame, or lingering guilt attached either. This High will not only free you from desiring any other high, this High will also heal or repair all residual damage done to your body and mind by all previous highs you experienced.
    You see the High behind all of this knew you before you were yet in your mother’s womb, and knows why you have taken the path in life you have and still only sees you as the overcomer He created you to be. You are not being judged by Him nor is He disappointed in you!
    Now about this High. This High is the Most High God. His very nature is Love, for you His creation. He has do-overs for all of us, wants all of us to be healed and delivered of all of our afflictions and healed of every disease. God was so committed to this being our reality that He sent His Only Son Jesus to earth and made the Way for us to have that be our reality, which it now is. You see Jesus died for all of mankind and for what none of us could ever do for ourselves.
    You matter more to God more than you may have ever realized. God has never changed any of His plans for you, they are still available to you and everyone of them is for your well being.
    Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, your future is so much brighter than anything you may have ever imagined. Jesus loves you! A simple prayer such as, Jesus help, will get things started for you.


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