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  • Hate......

    Gods word says to hate.....

    Yes The Bible tells us to hate what is evil just as God hates all evil. At first this may seem somewhat harsh. That is until you find yourself afflicted by evil and it becomes experientially easy to understand why we are to hate all things evil.

    Death and disease never existed before the fall of mankind. As Godís creation you and me were made to live forever having been created in Godís image and likeness. Death and disease do not come from God as they are both rooted in evil.

    Do not buy the lie that God has afflicted you to teach you a lesson or that a disease must be your lot in life. No disease or affliction was ever planned for your life by God. Everyone of Godís plans for you is to give you hope and a future, He delights in you prospering in every aspect of your life, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally even financially.

    We all know that in heaven there is no sickness and no disease no poverty and no presence of evil. Heaven is what God had in mind for people while we lived on earth. Jesus even taught us to pray for it to be ďon earth as it is in heaven ď. If this werenít true Jesus would be lying. He cannot lie, Heís God, not a sinner.

    We can still have Heaven on earth. Though there is a battle raging by the kingdom of darkness and the god of this world against Gods creation, you and me. You do not have to be a follower of Jesus to be afflicted by the devil. The devil does not discriminate, he roams around seeking whom he may devour. Said another way, the devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy.

    When Jesus came to earth, was crucified died and placed in a tomb. He descend into Hell and took back Gods authority that Adam and Eve lost by their disobedience to God, by way of deceit of Satan. Jesus then gave that authority to His Disciples to be used in battle over our enemy, the kingdom of darkness.

    Itís time for Godís people to wake up to the understanding of the present times for the days are evil. But for all the evil the devil has, Godís goodness trumps the devil every time. We must enforce the victory that Jesus secured for us over all evil with his resurrection from the dead.

    The devil isnít going to stop being evil, and Gods people must learn to expose the works of the devil, and grow in there God given identity and Gods authority over all evil. Jesus overcame all works of the devil, you can to as you become one with Jesus, He overcame so we can overcome!
    Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, Hate what is evil, God is with you! Be Victorious!
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