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  • Skeptical?


    I can relate to anyone being skeptical when approached by a stranger about the things of God. I was one of those skeptics years ago. For 40 years I went to church and not one time did I hear the truth about Jesus Christ being the only way to be saved. I was lost, veiled in deception and headed to hell. I was blinded to the truth about Jesus. The enemy had me headed to Hell.

    All of that changed when I heard the good news and truth about Jesus. I got saved and like a newborn began to learn and mature in the things of God. It’s never to late for anyone to be saved. Jesus is the only Way. It’s a simple Truth; only made complex by the Fallen World we live in.

    Look around, violence,sickness,disease,murder,poverty,hate, none of which are in Heaven. Why then do they exist on earth?
    Again we live in a fallen world that is heavily influenced by the works of the devil. Heaven is perfection and there is NO influence or presence of the devil or any of his evil works.

    World view is counter to God’s view on most things. But in the end all that matters is how God sees things. He alone is our Just Judge and we must give an account for what we did with the knowledge of The “Gift of Salvation” He provided to us in the person of His only begotten Son Jesus.
    Your acceptance or rejection of this Gospel Truth determines your eternal destination, Heaven or Hell. There are no other options.

    Because all of us have sinned all of us will die.
    HOWEVER; Jesus tells us to “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”. What that means to everyone who makes Jesus Lord of their life is ; You also have satisfied the law of sin and death. All due to Jesus’s righteousness being applied to your account when you Repent of your sins and Make Jesus Lord of your life. He is the only way to be saved.

    Jesus made the Way for all to be Saved, He purchased it in His Own Blood.

    Jesus died in our place paying the penalty for our sins. Because Jesus lived a sin free life He could not remain dead. God resurrected Him back to life.
    By repenting of your sins and inviting Jesus to come into your heart, Jesus’s righteousness gets inputted to you, providing you the Way of Salvation. You are now a New Creation and will go to Heaven when your earthly life is complete.
    Believe and Receive. You matter to God so much so He sent His only Son Jesus to Die in your place, So you could enter Heaven. It’s the only Way!

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    Perfectly explained! Thank you for this wonderful post!


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