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What has happened?

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  • What has happened?

    What has happened?

    Ever since God spoke the world into existence 6000 years ago; things have gotten far removed from Gods perfect will for our lives. First of all, God is all about life, so much so that every saved person will live in eternity with God forever. Secondly death and disease was never part of God’s Will for mankind. Death is opposite of life and is not from God; it’s the penalty for sin.

    So what happened? And why are things so horrible here on earth? Here is the answer; when mankind fell into sin by way of deception of the devil and disobeyed Gods instruction to not eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, mankind effectively though unknowingly exchanged Gods perfect will for our lives, for our own will. and we became separated from God.

    Now The Best News Ever! God is singular, meaning there is only one true God. He is omnipotent (all powerful), He is omnipresent (everywhere), He is omniscience (all knowing). Every other god is false, dead, and a byproduct of the devil. Remember Satan was thrown out of Heaven due to his desire to be God. He wanted to be worshipped instead of a worshipper of God. None of the false gods can save, heal, or deliver you from any evil, because they are all of the devil and there is NO good in them, only counterfeit wisdom.

    If you’re thinking that this is harsh and even narrow minded, keep reading, it’s all truth. An even harsher and permanent reality is to be forever separated from the One True and Holy Living God. By rejecting Jesus and His Finished work on the Cros, over all evil, you would be forever separated from God forever. Jesus is the only Way to be forgiven of your sins and reconciled back to God.

    Gods will for your eternal destruction is to be with Him in Heaven. Our part is to exercise our will and receive the Free Gift of God; The finished work on the Cross that Jesus purchased in His Own Blood. This Act of Love was made possible by Jesus Christ yielding to His Father’s Will, for You and Me. Jesus chose to lay His life down so all of us could be reconciled back to God and live forever with Himself and the Father in Heaven, when our earthly body expires.

    God made You, Jesus Died for you, and Holy Spirit is on Earth to Help you. Don’t let the Devil deceive You!

    Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, Receive the Truth!

    God Loves you so much He sent His Own Son Jesus to earth to pay our penalty of death for our sins. Jesus is the only way! John 3:16 & John 14:6
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