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  • Be Encouraged

    Having sight and still Blind

    Perhaps there is confusion with this title, however you owe it to yourself to read this reality and truth, it may change your outlook on multiple things.

    First you can see you have sight, Second, What is not so obvious , is that not everything you see is actually the truth, even though it may appear to be so or you may have been taught to believe so. This can leave you blinded. For instance, if you have been diagnosed with any type of condition and have no hope that you will ever be healed, you have been blinded to the reality that God desires is to heal you while you remain on earth.

    When Jesus came to earth and made the Way for all to be saved, he also healed all those who had been oppressed of the devil. Nineteen times in the Bible Jesus was asked if He would heal someone, all nineteen times He healed the person. The Bible also tells us that by His stripes we ARE HEALED. Gods word also tells us that no good thing shall He withhold.

    There is no condition or diagnosis that Jesus can not heal and make you whole from. Jesus has overcome the world and every evil thing that the devil has ever afflicted mankind with. No sickness, even death did not exist prior to the fall of mankind, caused by Satan. God never planned that we would ever die or be sick, He doesn’t afflict His creation, all affliction is of the devil.

    Most people know that there is no sickness or devil in heaven and that it will be that way for eternity. Jesus taught us to pray for it to be on earth as it is in Heaven. If that was not to be our reality while on earth, Jesus would have never told us to pray that way.

    Don’t be blinded to the reality of just how much God, Jesus and Holy Spirit loves you. Don’t limit God by by what you have been taught or a religious system you were born into. God made every person in His image and likeness because He desires a personal relationship with you, you are special to Him and were created to be in relationship with Him.

    Don’t buy the lie of Satan that, it is what it is, or this is just my lot in life. God has made the Way for all people to be saved and be reconciled back to Him. He also wants to heal you of all of your afflictions of the devil.

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    OK, but this is a dialysis forum, not a religious forum. I'm sure that all those who are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or atheist find your post to be misplaced in the 'general dialysis' forum, therefore I have flagged your post. Please follow the rules of this site.


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