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PD Dialysis Full/Tight Feeling

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  • PD Dialysis Full/Tight Feeling

    I am new to PD; approximately a month now - when I connect at night, the full/tight feeling I experience is very uncomfortable. It almost feels like too much fluid is going in and there's not enough room to accommodate. Will that ever go away or is it something I will always experience?

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    Since you are new to PD ,your peritoneal needs to adjust to holding that fluid . It all any adjustment. Not sure what you have as a final fill but you should get use it carry that extra weight very soon. Just be patient and allow your body to adjust to that change.


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      I hope you can adjust to that full filling, it appears to be a common occurrence.


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        Be sure to discuss it with your nephrologist and care team. They can adjust your cycler program to adjust the number of cycles and the amount of fill on each cycle. Over time as your body adjust to the new situation, the cycler program can be adjust to fewer cycles and more fluid on each cycle.


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