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More hope and good news!

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  • More hope and good news!

    To the unchurched, lost and broken-hearted

    Right now in this very moment the Father says to you, I understand you My Child, My very own creation. I created you from ages long ago while you were yet not even in the womb of your mother. Each plan and thought I had for you then I’ve held for you even to this day. For it is never to late for My redemptive works in ones life.
    I am the God of restoration and the God of all things made new again. A wayward path I will straighten out with you. A broken body I will heal. Shattered dreams and hope deferred I will resurrect and make into a well spring of desires fulfilled.

    For you were created to thrive and have Hope and a Future, My plans for you include prosperity and not lack. I will not harm you but will deliver you from evil. I delight in your prosperity, even as your mind, will and emotions prosper and you remain in health.

    I’m well aware of your every thought even those secret fears. Every tear you’ve cried I’ve bottled. Every step you’ve taken I’ve been at your side along the way.

    There is nothing you have done that alters or reshapes the Love I have for you my child. You disappoint Me Not for I know why you do the things you do, I am not ashamed of you, I unconditionally Love you. For All have sinned and fallen short of My Glory. Though I hate all sin, I love every sinner.

    I’m closer to you then you have known. I so loved the world and my created that I sent My only Begotten Son Jesus into toe world to do for all what was not achievable by anyone but Jesus Himself. Jesus alone chose to lay His life down on the Cross and die in our place so we could be reconciled back to the Father and have life eternal. This Free Gift from God is for all of mankind when our sins are confessed and Jesus is asked to come into our heart. For Jesus is forever standing at the door of every heart, waiting for the invitation to come into your life.
    If any man be in Christ Jesus he is a new creation. I see you as a new creation, even this very day, being healed and made whole. Welcome in your new beginnings!

    Be blessed,Be Encouraged, Jesus Loves You!
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