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Feeling all alone

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  • Feeling all alone

    April 2nd, My husband found out that he's is in Stage 4 kidney failure (kidneys working at 16 %)
    and his heart was working at 45%.
    I'm his only care taker, and I'm super tired.
    I do everything, he won't even help with his meds.

    I'm looking for some care giver support.
    Just, someone to talk that understands what I'm going thru.
    Friend and Family try to understand, but they don't get it.
    Thanks for listening.

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    hi...sorry to read of how tired and overwhelmed you sound. Don't know how you feel as I'm on the other side as your hubby...F 65, grf 29 one kidney. I've searched and searched for a kidney support group in my area and none. Today i came up with an idea, going to and starting one of my own, renal support group and frugal fun...i'm on social security so $$$ are limited. I post every day on i've been dx'd with stage 3 kidney disease, located under the welcome site...lots of people look, but no one posts...i live alone with my cat, and my circle of friends has diminished over the years especially since i got sick. hope you'll find the support you want...take care, ml


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      It can be difficult--he is fortunate to have you. Perhaps the doc or social worker could talk to him and let him know that he can and needs to be involved with his treatment.--not sure if he is on dialysis or if he is on PD or Hemo. my husband is on PD--his kidney function is less than 5%--he started PD dialysis--he was with me for the training--but as you--I do it all--well not all--he does weigh himself and I have him doing his blood pressure and temperature now. Next step plan is to have him disconnect himself. I did have him running the drain lines at hook up but somehow that has fallen by the wayside. Do Sorry that your husband has heart problem as well.-----how long has he been on dialysis if he is?? i know I also had and have struggles with his diet---that is something very frustrating as I prepare proper meals and then he goes and eats something loaded with potassium.


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        It is very sad that there are people that will go away because of your sickness. I am not a dialysis patient but my father is - starting he had started dialysis, it is only me and my mom and a very few friends asking how he is doing. It really broke my heart specially the time my father was in the hospital, I am the only daughter and have no choice but to stay at the hospital for 2wks straight coz' no relative is willing to stay at the hospital. :,( That's when I realize that not all relatives are really your relatives---sometimes, they are just relatives DURING YOUR GOOD TIMES.... T______T


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          Hi I’m new here I’m getting prepared to do vein mapping for dialysis on Mon & I’m doing this alone as well You are right about family & friends they’re only around when they need or want something from you & when they get they’re situation taken care of you don’t hear from them


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            I have been caregiver for my husband for about 3 yrs now. I know that sometimes you feel alone and disheartened. Some days are good,some are bad and you feel like just giving up. I have been blessed with a husband that has always tried to provide and do his best, even when he fell short.(smile). When I get discouraged I pull myself back by putting myself in his shoes. You know your partner and can only imagine what he must be feeling in his mind and spirit about where he is now. Focus on that and believe that the good will overcome the bad.