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  • Bottled Water

    Is there a particular bottled water that is ok for dialysis patients?

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    Hey Rdscpa... There's a lot of speculation on what brand is better. People on dialysis seem to prefer Fiji water, although it's a little more expensive. You can get it at most Walmart stores if not your local market. It's really up to you to read the labels on water to make sure there's nothing added, which you shouldn't be putting into your body. I have had just a general brand name water (Evian) with no problems, but everyone's kidney disease is different with the same symptoms.. (if that makes sense) Just watch your fluid intake. I always go over, especially on the weekends. Honestly I try but my fluid limit is like 32 oz a day.


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      Water is water.......just avoid anything that is high in potassium or phosphorus.