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Wellness Check-up Then Bam!!!!!!

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  • Wellness Check-up Then Bam!!!!!!

    Hello I'm very new to this forum and really don't know where to start so I will begin at the beginning. 3.5 years ago I switched to Kaiser health plan from medical. During my Initial visit/ wellness check the nurses did all the normal assessments; Temp, blood pressure, collected blood and urine samples etc. a few days past my wellness check i received a call asking for me to come back to resubmit a blood and urine sample due to abnormal labs. During my return visit my doctor set me down to explain the stages of chronic kidney disease and how it is determined through the glomerular filtration rate GFR. I am a young woman with no other major illnesses other then mild anemia and bronchitis. At age 34 I am still in stage 3 and very grateful that it has not worsen. My left kidney is scarred and atrophied. As of late I try to keep a good diet and hydrate with plenty of water to prolong good function. I haven't been prescribed any medications thus far and avoid all over the counter medications. I still work my usual shift 3 to 4 days a week but have noticed I've bee feeling a lot more fatigued then normal, leg, arm, and my back has also been a issue. It is hard to breathe sometimes but that's more then likely due to my bronchitis. When I'm not working all I do is sleep and with active children this is not good. It's been many times I felt so fatigued I end up calling off from work. A few co-workers are aware of my illness. However, my boss is not and I'm sure she has wondered why I call off so much. My fear is that I will get fired and loss my medical insurance which is through my employment not to mention its how I support my family. Am I alone with these issues? Anyhow this was a little introduction of myself and how I found out I had CKD. It still blows my mind!!!!!

    Blessings to all,
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    Well Mam' at least you're proactive enough to have caught this early on by the sounds. I waited too long, didn't understand all my symptoms completely and thought I had the flu. Over 2 weeks later I was finally released to start my dialysis path. If only I had been more conscious about my symptoms this might have been caught at an earlier stage. I'm glad to see your still holding at stage 3 and Don't need dialysis. Our health is worth more than most of us realize, best of luck to you.


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