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I want to have my PD tube do I get this to happen

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  • I want to have my PD tube do I get this to happen

    I am so tired of the PD treatments and basically this life in general. I don't want to die with this tube in my stomach, so how do I go about getting it removed? If someone decides they don't want to continue the PD treatments, can they stop? Anyone know?

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    Yes you can choose to discontinue PD, but why? Do you prefer hemo? I've been on PD for many years and it can be difficult but it allows you to eat better and feel better and live to be transplanted. Though transplantation wasn't good for me so it allows me to live period 27 years in April. If you want to get your PD tube out you must speak with your doctor and he/she will discuss the other treatment options with you. If you choose not to get any treatment you will pass away. I had a friend who chose that route at 21 I understood his feelings but I still miss him sometimes and wonder what if. Good luck hope you work everything out.


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      Thank you for your response. I am considering the route taken by that friend of yours. Sometimes I think quality of life is better than quantity of life.

      Again thank you. I have much to consider.


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        Marquez,I can see from your picture that you are young you have so much going for you you make a great candidate for a transplant and if that one doesn't work you're still young enough to try again. my advice to you is to go to your primary care doctor and or your neph and share what your concerns are I'm sure you had to consider your choice of PD or hemo and you must have had someone to talk to at a time to help you with your decision take my word for it its best to try to talk it out maybe you can go for counseling, or confide in your family and friends either way you'll learn from this it will make you looks bleak now but it won't always be that way think of it is taking steps to change you're still you and acceptance will get easier while you adjust to your new life
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