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Father?s discomfort advice

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  • Father?s discomfort advice

    Hi there. My father gets dialysis at a DaVita facility and he has terrible cramping, which he can get during any part of the process. I read that it?s usually most common towards the end. The thing, though, is that he?s always been susceptible to cramps even before he started getting dialysis 2018. I get cramps too, which I assume I got from him. Any ideas why dad could be going through this? What could he do? It?s tough hearing about his pain. Has anyone here gone through this and if so, what do you suggest or recommend?

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    Hi my name is Jennifer. I'm on home dialysis since March. I'm on a high dose now and I have cramping every night. Ive told my nurse. They said ill just have to live with it. So I rock and I twist to help. It does a little but not much..


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      Hi,My name is Marcos I take 2 or 3 Tables of mustard when is get cramps,that takes the cramp away.