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High phorphorus

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  • High phorphorus

    Can not figure out what I could be eating to cause my phos. to be so high.

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    Me too. Did you find an answer


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      Mine was salad dressing. I like those salad kits and i would treat myself to one after every dialysis. I'd leave the sunflower seeds off because i knew better. then i finally looked at label for the salad dressing. I stopped eating the salad kits, my phosphorus number came right down....Good luck hunting for the cause of ur high phos level. Sometimes this renal diet is like being Alice in Wonderland looking thru the mirror glass, nothing makes sense Give me a break a salad kit?


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        I'm fighting high pho too. Talk to the dietitian when they come around mine gave my a quick list I keep on the fridge. Also here is a website that may help.
        I'm told most prepackaged meals are high in pho. Check Davita recipe website they have a recipe for low pho fudge
        I'm trying to make bake goods at home from scratch so I know what is in them I have had to eat my mistakes on occasion and it is work, but I can enjoy them without worrying about the phosphorus. (note watch out, even baking powder has pho but you can make your own a Davita recipe)
        I use almond milk in my cereal it is low in pho and I think tastes good..
        Seems some of the foods that are "healthy" are not so for kidney patients. Hang in there
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          I had high levels too. They put me on velporo and my levels are totally back to normal. I also watch what im eating.