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  • tired all the time

    I am 46 years old and been on PD dialysis for almost 2 years now, I stay tired and weak all the time, I am overweight by a lot. i try to ride my stationary bike everyday but can only do 2-4 miles before im so weak i can hardly move.. Im trying my best watch my diet but its so hard to eat right, i am single and work 9 hours a day, by the time i get home i have 2 hours before i have to start my treatment (10 hours per day plus one 3000 ml bag during the day), its hard to fix healthy food, exercise a bit and do all the normal household cleaning, i just dont know how much longer i can keep this up, dont get me wrong i thank God everyday for the life i have and i do realize it could still be a lot worse. I hold my head up the best i can around my kids and my mom and dad cause i dont want them to know how miserable i really am, seems like there is no end in sight. i guess i just needed to vent cause i really have no one to to talk to about the hell im going through like so many of you. i have got to do something to get this weight off but i just dont know how i can do anything different with the small amount of time before having to start the next treatment, any one else feel like this and have you found any way to make life easier?

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    Hello Steague, I Sympathize with your plight. My mother has the same problem with exhaustion and weakness. While I don?t know your full situation, maybe you could get a full blood panel and have your primary care doctor check your iron which could cause weakness If it is low. You have probably done this but I know that Dialysis Blood panels check certain things but not iron. Since you may be eating an hour or so before Dialysis, this may be affecting your iron intake. My mother gets an iron shot which helps. Just a suggestion. There are strategies that can help with your weight and weakness. You may need to take a minute regroup with your Nephrologist and move forward from there. Good Luck and keep your chin up.


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      Hi my dialysis center checks my iron every month. I was getting epron shots every week. Now its twice a month. I'm still tired not so much physically but just mentally. I am on the high dose dialysis too. I'm tired of it. I keep everything to myself because my mom and sisters think im making things bigger than what they are. I also make my kids believe everything is sunshine and roses. This way they aren't worried. Ive lost all my friends. So I feel for you.