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  • PD Weight Gain

    My nephrologist recently changed my PD prescription. It added an exchange and a fill at the end of my treatment. The result is I?ve gained 8 pounds in the past 30 days. I?m not eating any different or any more. Anybody else have weight gain issues ?? And what can I do.

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    I do!! I had a viral reaction that was treated like peritonitis with all the symptoms as well and ever since then I've gained back the weight I had when I started. I also had a change on my prescription.


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      I go in 3 to 4 hours before I start dialysis and have a fill after im done. I was gaining weight. I basically cut out almost all my food. I had to start using different bags to help get fluid off. I ended up in the hospital where on the first night there the got 4 pounds of fluid off. Its just fluid. I freak out now when I even put on 8 ounces of fluid. Talk to your nurse and doctor.


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        I experienced a viral reaction that was treated as peritonitis along with all of the symptoms, and ever since then, I've put the weight back on.