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Low BP and Muscle cramp

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  • Low BP and Muscle cramp

    My dad is 81 yrs and has been undergoing dialysis for last one year. He usually experiences weakness and muscle cramps after dialysis. Also he has low BP issues 90/55. Doctor sees this as side effect not too concerned. Will like to hear others with similar symptoms and how they dealt with it. Thanks

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    Hi Wendy
    I've been on Dialysis for 2 yrs. I'm 65.
    I have similar symptoms - weakness but no cramps.
    I only get low BP if I take off too much fluid in dialysis (I specify the amount to take off, and don't go by the "dry weight".

    The dialysis techs should recognize these symptoms and take appropriate action.

    The only time the low BP is of concern, is when I get dizzy and nearly (or actually) pass out. It's happened about 5 times in the last two years. Drinking some water usually helps, or the Nurse pushes back some fluid if they haven't removed the needles yet.

    At home, I take my BP frequently, and adjust my BP medication dose if it gets too low.

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks Jim for sharing your experience also how do you specify amount of fluid to take off isn’t that based on dry weight? Are you on HD or PD ? Thanks again
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