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Help switching facility and nephrologist

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  • Help switching facility and nephrologist

    Hi. I am trying to figure out how to move my mother from her current DeVita facility. Whenever my mother has too much fluids or high potassium levels she gets scolded and told she is lying about her diet. She is unhappy there with the nephrologist who is very rude and condescending. I am wondering if anyone knows how to go about switching locations. Do I just call a new place and ask to be switched? Any help is appreciated.

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    You can switch doctors and dialysis centers. Just find a new nephrologist that takes your insurance if you have insurance. Do your homework though. I had a wonderful nephrologist that was on my insurance but the dialysis centers he was with did not take my insurance. You have a right to change for any reason.


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      Thank you. I did call the DaVita main number and they told me they will call back. Seems there is a problem with finding a facility nearby with a chair open. I will keep trying.


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        I was in California, doing dialysis, and moved to New York recently. I notified the social worker of my move and scheduled dialysis in Chicago while I was there, and was very pleased. I am now in New York, with Davita and the nephrologist and staff are very attentive to our needs and hopefully you are able to locate near you, a facility that can have a chair open.


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