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Living with dialysis

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  • Living with dialysis

    Hi I’m Melissa I’ve been dealing with kidney dialysis for 2 years now. It been hectic getting up at 4:30 every other day for this is hell for me, I’m tried all the time and I feel like No one in my family or friends really get me any protein been low I get the zone Perfect bars from my Davita.
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    Hi Melissa- I know that dialysis isn't easy, but right now it is the available treatment for you, me, and many others. My dietitian recommended a great product called Liqui-cel (I buy it from Amazon). It is a high protein liquid with virtually no phosphorus. It helped me get my protein up to 4.2 in just a couple of months. I usually just dump it over crushed ice and drink the water as it melts.

    Keep up the good fight,


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      hi my name is thomas and i have been on dialysis since nov. id like to know how long can we live on treatment at dialysis ?


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        Linebacker, It depends on your age, any comorbidities you have and how well you follow Drs orders. So at 75 years of age not as long as as a 40 year old with NO comorbidities.


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          They give me Liqui-cell at my center.They make it with jello its less thick and sweet like that


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            Melissa, my charge nurse suggested premier protein shakes. They have chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry & cream. All have 30 grams of protein. You can find this at Walmart or Amazon.


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              Linebacker99, my grandmother was on dialysis for 15 years. She decided only after her 3rd fistula stopped working at age 89 that she had enough. It took her two weeks to pass away without dialysis. She just didn't want to go through another procedure and had lived a happy and long life.

              My clinic director has been on dialysis six she was 19 and she now in her 40's. Everyone is different. It also depends on how much you can handle. Good luck.


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                Linebacker, I don’t know how long we can survive on dialysis but I know I want to be here for my grandchildren’s high school and college graduations and weddings. It must depend on each person’s health. Follow directions on diet and fluid intake. Don’t give up. I had a kidney transplant back in Dec 2016 and it failed around Nov 2017. I was in the hospital for almost 3 months, thinking, is this the end? One of my numerous doctors said to me, “ You’re one tough old dude.” I took that to heart and make that statement to continue fighting. I believe in divine guidance and I want to honor Him.


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