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meaning of a deck of playing cards

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  • meaning of a deck of playing cards

    the original value of a deck of playing cards:
    52 cards for 52 weeks a year.
    2 colors for day and night
    4 suits for 4 seasons and 13 weeks in a season.
    Twelve judges' cards representing 12 months.
    If we add up each of the cards (ace + ace + ace + ace + two + two + three + seven + eight ... etc.) of the game, we get 364.
    The card game is an agricultural calendar that tells us about the weeks and seasons.
    With each new season, it was King's week, followed by Queen's week, Jack's week, and so on, until the week changed seasons and we started all over again with a new color.
    Jokers were used in leap years.
    And you, did you know about it?

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    There are interesting little things there. I really had no idea until I read your post. Would I venture to make a guess and say that what we now know as a deck of playing cards appeared in the UK?


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      I’ve never heard about it, and, if you put it this way, it looks so logical and clear that I don’t understand how I hadn’t figured it out earlier.
      I am not a professional player, but I still play rummy from time to time online. I even managed to win some money from it, which makes me happy. It does not take a lot to win there because you just have to know the basic rules, and they are not many. It’s not that you cannot figure it out all by yourself if you play long enough.
      This game is not even my favorite, but it works, and I’m glad I discovered this way of making money a few months ago.