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    My wife decided she wouldn't wait until I decided we could afford to sell our house and buy a new one. We listed our house and started searching. Within a week, we found the dream home for our retirement, and 17 days after the announcement of the sale of our house, we received it under contract. More than 3 months later, we are finally closing tomorrow. A cute young couple buys our house and we move into the house of our dreams.
    So because of all this, I've been less busy here at CNN and I haven't had any observations since November - mostly because of the weather, but a few clear nights really didn't give me time. But according to the light pollution maps, the new house literally stands in the darkest sky in our neighborhood - no light pollution - while the house I'm leaving has been suffering more and more from light pollution over the past 20 years. The new house is a 20-minute drive from the old house... but in this rural county, it makes a big difference because we were only a couple of miles from a large scrap metal recycling plant that caused significant light pollution in the south.
    Anyway, tonight we were moving some things to the garage of the new house, and it was snowing a little. Despite the fact that it was snowing lightly, I looked up and saw that the sky above me was pitch black. You couldn't see the snow until it was a few feet above you. We return to the house we are leaving and look at the same cloudy/slightly snowy sky, and the sky in all directions is gray at best, and in the south, where the pollution is most severe, it is white-gray.

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    congratulations to you and your wife


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      i would not live there on your place


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        I didn't quite understand the chronology of the events you described. Most of the time, there is a cloud of dust from the metallurgical factory over your old house, am I right? Or this situation is observed near your new dream home. In any case, I think that this is not the place where people should live in their old age. If I were you, I would sell this house if it would be difficult for you to breathe there or, in general, to live. If it does happen, you can contact the guys from, and they will quickly help you sell your house. Good luck to you, and I hope that you will still be able to live happily in your new home.


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