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Dialysis for 6 weeks and not feeling better

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  • Dialysis for 6 weeks and not feeling better

    Hello. I was diagnosed with ESRD and have been in Dialysis for 6 weeks. When I started I had a lot of weakness - couldn't hold my arms over my head and couldn't stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes or so. After 6 weeks on Dialysis I don't feel a lot better. I am not diabetic. I follow the diet religiously and don't take anything I am not supposed to. My hemoglobin is still low as is my Albumin. I am getting stuff during my dialysis for the hemoglobin and I am trying to get my albumin up. I am frustrated because I am not feeling better. I am also on a multi-vitamin for people on dialysis.

    Is this going to get better?

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    Unfortunately it took me about 2 plus months for my body to adapt to dialysis. Your brain knows you're on dialysis. But, your body is like what's going on? It's just a very stressful and depressing situation. I've been on dialysis for almost 8 years as of December 10, 2018. It gets better as far as feeling crappy. Hopefully you'll feel better soon.


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