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failed to give treatment for the second time in 2 months

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  • failed to give treatment for the second time in 2 months

    My mom is a patient at the Mesa Vista center on Cliff street in El Paso Tx this is the 2nd time they failed to give my mom treatment after waiting 3 hours in the waiting room for no fault of her own first time they claimed they had an inspection today they had a power outage it's very irresponsible of them to not have a generator my mom didn't receive treatment it's been two times in 2 months they are very careless and don't seem to be doing their jobs properly but they still get paid from the insurance they need to find better technicians their is no accountability they are putting my mom's health at risk I don't know who to contact about my issues.

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    If there is a social worker at the treatment center ask them to help you start a grievance procedure . There is a form to fill out and it goes to the corporate office. There is no excuse to leave you in the waiting room that long and then cancel her treatment. Is there another treatment center you can transfer too? If the above ever happens again ask if another Davita in the area can get your mom in or try to reschedule for the next day at the same center. As far as a generator - I live in a city with 3 DaVita centers and none of them have generators. However, if there is a power outage at one of them they have never told people to skip their treatment. They either stay open late if the power comes on right away, send people to other clinic that have openings or reschedule people to come in the next day. You can also call the state health department and file a complaint.


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