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Creatinine Level increased to 5

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  • Creatinine Level increased to 5

    4 months back, test reports showed my creatinine level to be 5. Dietary restrictions and alternative medicine (Homeopathy) seemed to get the creative down to level 3 over a span of 3 months. However , current reports show that the creatinine have reached 5 again.

    With no major changes in diet over the period, failing to understand why creatinine increased again ?
    Can someone help me figure out the possibilities to reduce cretinine

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    That would be scary, I feel for you. I know that my diet is only one plece of the crazy puzzle of Creatinine. How's your BP? Do you exercise daily? Is your weight under control? All these factors affect my Creatinine. What type of disease do you have?


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      I'm well aware that my dietary choices are merely one piece of the jigsaw that is Creatinine. What's your blood pressure, please? Do you go for a walk or a run on a regular basis? Are you keeping your weight in check? My Creatinine is affected by all of these elements. What is the nature of your ailment?



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          I hope you are seeing a nephrologist not just a regular doctor? It’s very hard to know what’s going on sometimes. My creatinine bounced around a bit, that could be what is happening, though the overall trend was down for me. Depends on what’s going on with your kidneys. Maybe you have a disease that is advancing? I”d educate yourself about dialysis at this point.


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