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    A great book for a HemoDialysis diet is " Cooking for David" a wife of a Dialysis person, working with their renal dietician, did alot of research and wrote a book of meals and recipes for Dialysis patients. There is also alot of Fantastic information in the book about dialysis in general. This book saves you Months of research and surfing the web for menu ideas and good info.

    2. Also the book "Feeling Good" By Dr Beck is a wonderful helpful book. It was written in the 1960-1970's but it helps with EVERYTHING, from depression, to self esteem, quality of life, ect. It's filled with examples, conversations and activities/homework. You can even skip around to chapters that apply to your life, currently. I've had the book for 30 years and I still go back and skim it today.

    3. Most importantly,you are not alone, you have this group to support you and help you on this journey. People who share your same experiences and understand what you are going through, like no one else can.


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      Originally posted by Bebe1650 View Post
      Can some one help me!!! I feel like I have been killing my husband with food! he is a diabetic type 2, on Coumadin,and now stage 4 renal failure. I am scared to feed him!!
      You are not killing your husband with food. His diabetes is damaging his kidneys. Ask his nephrologist ( if he has one) for a referral to a dieticion who is familiar with kidney disease. In the mean time start him on a low sodium diet and follow his current diabetic diet.


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