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Complete Exhaustion

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  • Complete Exhaustion

    After I leave dialysis I find myself totally exhausted. I come home and head right to my bed. I have no energy, I can't concentrate on anything. I don't even have the energy to read a book. My bloodwork all seems good but I don't know. Is there anyway to gain some energy?

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    How long have you been on dialysis Itzchel? Before I retired i was a caregiver and took care of a few people who were on dialysis One did just as you do, came home and hit the bed immediately The other one came home and did a little work, but then got the tiredness that you get. I don't know what the answer to your question is, I am not on dialysis myself yet, but I think it will be soon.


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      Talk to your dietitian, NP and/or nephrologist about dialysis-related vitamins and minerals to help boost your energy levels. It worked for me.


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