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Weight gain changes with constspation and diarrhea

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  • Weight gain changes with constspation and diarrhea

    Comments from others concerning changes in your weight gains. Do your think you cramp more when you are constipated? Have you noticed if diarrhea on your dialysis's day your weight is very close to your dry weight? I feel this is true, I ask my technician to take off a certain amount so I won't cramp. So far this has worked, I try to keep all my labs within range. Do what you can to enjoy life!!!

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    Constipation often happens when you are dehydrated, so, yes, you probably will cramp.


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      I've been having bad cramps starting about 30 min after eating. It comes and goes for hours, feeling like it is never going to end. Then a day or so later, the diarrhea starts. Cramping can be so so intense. It isn't so severe with light meals as it is with high fat meals.


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