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Urine output

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  • Urine output

    After being on dialysis for a year now, my urine output has significantly increased over the last 2 months. Just wondering why?

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    I started dialysis a year and half ago and lost my abilty to pee.I was told that is how it goes.Then started to pee again and then they told me that happens for some people,great now I can drink alittle more water but then my blood pressures went skyhigh so now they got my dryweight down to 88kg from91kg and now Iam into dialysis 2years and have stopped peeing again so time will tell if it comes back I hope so.


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      I had the same problem as you, still peeing a lot which helped to keep my weight down. It did not matter my dry weight was bumped down by 3 kg and I did not know it until I started cramping every session. The remedy for the cramping was to set my time for a longer session which I am still on now. They kept telling me that I was eating salt until a visiting nurse told me what my new dry weight was and how long it was set for. I kept trying to tell them I had been on salt restricted diet since I was 18. I had one Dr tell me he would rather use my kidneys rather than dialysis but he is no longer on the team. Another thing is my K was always WNL. The reason I was in renal failure was never documented so I don't know if something was going on or not. I'm still on 4 hrs and I'm still cramping at the end of some sessions.. They'll tell you the Dr can refuse to keep you as a pt.. Why, because you ask questions?



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        A nurse once told me that often your urine output will increase before it starts to cease.


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