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Home HD machines in Canada

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  • Home HD machines in Canada

    I'm writing in hopes that someone can tell me if I'm just plain delusional to hope that I could get my hands on a "portable" HHD machine, in Canada. When I read about some of you American HHD users, I'm so envious that, at least, some of you seem to have small, more portable machines for HHD. My machine is about the size of a free standing ATM, not to mention the four 3 foot cannisters, in my bedroom closet, hooked up to two other, smaller, filtration cannisters. There's no question where I'm going to be sleeping every other night because there's no other options with this system. I've been on dialysis for 5 1/2 years and my live donor just "fell through" today, so I'm looking at my broader options and questioning why I can't have a machine like the ones people use in the States? Can anyone offer me any advice, information or input?

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    I would say Canada is one of the best country where lot of students already getting the help related to the writing services which can be good for the completing the work.I have seen some of home Hd machines in canada which also providing their explanation to the needy people.This option also improving the education system as well.


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