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Arrive at the airport three hours before departure

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  • Arrive at the airport three hours before departure

    We have been to Aruba many times and never left on a Saturday or Sunday. We took off yesterday and arrived at the airport at 2:20 to take off on a JetBlue flight at 4:40. There was a long queue in front of the terminal, and it took us 20 minutes to get only to the inner queue. We stood in an internal queue for 20 minutes, but were only halfway to the exit. We already had boarding passes, so they allowed us to enter the queue of preferred customers. It took another twenty minutes. Unfortunately, JetBlue agents are inefficient and slow. We finally got to the emigration and safety line, but now we had a very small temporary airbag. When we arrived at US Customs/Immigration. There was a huge queue there too. We were able to make our flight only because we have worldwide access. We arrived at our gate 10 minutes before boarding.

    We have never had such an experience in all previous weekday departures. We've learned our lesson.

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    At least you had time to catch your plane


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      It's just a terrible situation, I'm very sorry for you


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        I don't understand your outrage. Such a situation could happen to absolutely every passenger on any flight. I don't see anything terrible in that you boarded the plane 10 minutes before landing since you managed to get on the plane, and everything ended quite safely. Be sure that even if you are at the airport for 6 hours before the plane lands, you can still become a victim of circumstances and not even catch the plane. Of course, there is another way out - there are private flights. You can use the private jet charter cost estimator service unless you have enough funds and are not afraid to be the only passenger on board. I've already tried flying like this, and it's even fun.


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          You must have had a pretty bad experience. Please go to the gartic phone to relieve it.