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Where do I get insurance that can cover my dialysis treatment?

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  • Where do I get insurance that can cover my dialysis treatment?

    I'm going to be needing dialysis very soon, at the moment I don't have insurance and I have no clue of how to go about it, where to look, what kind of plan do i need to look for, and maybe prices? please and thanks guys.

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    Hi Lucila, my husband Tom is the dialysis patient here. Without knowing where you live or your age and Medicare status, it is hard to recommend an actual plan. But this will give you some good information to go by. We are in southern California. We used to have UHC (United Healthcare) insurance, which does cover quite a bit of dialysis charges with DaVita. One day a representative from Anthem Blue Cross came to the clinic and presented a new coverage specifically for dialysis patients called Anthem MediBlue ESRD PPO. We looked into it and switched. At the moment, this plan only covers 12 counties in California. But I don't know what other states may have the same plan. It is a MediCare Advantage plan. My husband is not 65 yet but qualified for Social Security Disability and MediCare because of his ESRD status. So for you, I recommend looking up and The MediCare guide book for your state will list all Advantage plans available, and you can look for plans that say "ESRD" or "Special Needs". Let me know if I can provide any furher information. Good luck!
    Jill Bassett


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      There have a lot of things to know about insurance for dialysis patients. When we apply for insurance for my father's dialysis we faced many problems.
      Check this article https://seniorslifeinsurancefinder.c...ysis-patients/ for info about insurance for dialysis patients.
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