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Disability through employer?

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  • Disability through employer?

    Is anyone on here on disaBility through their employer? Iíve been thinking about it and am struggling to wrap my head around the decision. Iíve been on pd for about a year now and thought Iíd be able to keep working. As time,s gone on, I find Iím tired quite easily and struggling to focus. I work a desk job but my performAnce is clearly affected. Am I overreacting to think about disability?
    Has anyone here in similar situation gone for disability through your employer? What was the process like?

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    Dear Jess,

    I think 🤔 you just apply in Line for this through the State?! Thatís what Iím doing for myself. I just had a apppendectomy.
    I hope this helps! God Luck!
    Emilia ESTRADA


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      You have to document your disability. Every doctor's appt, physical therapy, medications. The more documentation you have, the stronger your appeal is.
      Write out the sequence of events that lead you to seeking disability, dates and context are important for serious consideration. It takes about six months for your application to be processed. You can do this yourself, if you get a lawyer to file for you, you have to pay him 40% of six months of your disability check. It pays for you to fill the forms yourself. Just be very specific about your symptoms. GOOD LUCK


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        It is a lot of work to do the paperwork yourself, but worth it to not use an attorney. I'm also on pd, but was on in-clinic hemo when I went on disability. Even on pd, there is no way I could work a regular 8-5 M-F job like what I did before I got sick. I hate being on disability, but I know it was the right decision. Only you know your body and your symptoms. Good luck!


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          I have acute renal failure with working toward gaining back my kidney function and pending the doctors collaboration on getting me back on my feet. My numbers were improving and wondering if being on disability can be reversed and get me back to work. I have never done this before and in unfamiliar territory.


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