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Help for Mom who just won't eat

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  • Help for Mom who just won't eat

    MY mom has been on PD since October of 2012. She was recently hospitalized with three major infections in her peritoneal cavity which has caused her to lose her catheter and begin hemo dialysis; at least until she is fully cleared of the infections. While she was in the hospital and now that she is home, she eats virtually nothing. We might get her to eat what amounts to a full can of soup a day and maybe her Nepro drink, and thats all. Nothing tastes good whether we cook it or bring in take-out she thinks sounds good.

    We have tired one good sized meal, we have tried several smaller meals, we have tried getting her whatever she wants from whatever local place around she likes, and nothing has worked.

    I know that dialysis messes with your taste buds but if we can't get her to eat, she will be in even more serious trouble.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, tips, etc. that might help me/us with her?



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    Hi, I am sorry to hear she is having such a hard time eating. I am also on dialysis and I know it is not easy. Some days I have to really force myself to eat just because I know I have to. I don't know where you live but what about medicinal marijuana?
    It might make her want to eat.
    I have heard it works for cancer patients. It might be worth a shot. I myself don't do that at the moment but if I had to I would try. I make a lot of fruit smoothies too and add my protein powder. Use frozen fruit makes it nice and cold for in the summer and at least she is getting something in her. I wish you all the best. sil.


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      Coming in a little late here, but I agree with the medical cannabis suggestion, but it's something not to screw with lightly. As people who DO use it know, there is nothing worse than being overly medicated, if you do go this route I would recommend something around 0.25mg thc to start (I'm going under the assumption that we're talking ingestion) and increase dosage as needed, always remembering that it takes between 1-3 hours to reach peak plasma levels in the bloodstream (the height of it's potency). Otherwise, the smoothie suggestion is also pretty good advice, imho. I prefer mostly pineapple with a few frozen strawberries tossed in for temperature/flavor. It should do an affective job of mixing with the protein powder. Hope this helps. Sorry things are going rough, it kinda seems to go with the territory. Unfortunately.


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        I agree with everyone else. Ask your neph for sodium bicarb pills. It is actually the same thing as the baking soda, just a more convenient way to take it. belts and hoses replacement