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Advice Needed For Mother On CAPD Dialysis.(Chronic Back Pain)( not "Drain Pain" )

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  • Advice Needed For Mother On CAPD Dialysis.(Chronic Back Pain)( not "Drain Pain" )

    Hi my mother is on CAPD Dialysis for a bout a year now and is suffering from chronic back pains & Very Itchy/Irritated Skin all day and night and barely sleeps at all and is to the point i massage her multiple times a day just to relieve the pain mildy. she is a strong person(i assume most of u must be aswell) and can manage the not eating and the "DRAIN PAINS" and all the infections a long the way, but the pain between shoulders middle back and lower back is so strong she literally sleeps a hour at max between bags in which i watch her move around in her sleep only to wake in more pain. PLEASE and THANKYOU In ADVANCE for any help opinions or advice its greatly appreciated.(she is a" natural type" person and doesnt like or allowed too many pain killers). thanks

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    jakepackett your mothers story sounds like there is a need for more in depth review of current CAPD prescription, labs and overall health status. Carrying volume in abdomen can potentially exacerbate prior back issues. Entry of air during CAPD exchange can also cause pain as air rises and settles in between shoulder blades and can be very painful until eliminated naturally. Dry skin and or high phosphorus levels can contribute to itchy skin so I would be sure she applies cream every day typically after bathing and spends time with Registered Dietician to review intake and identify phosphorus foods. She may need adjustments or additional medications that help to control phosphorus levels. I would list out the issues and have a meeting with your mothers care team and go over each one to determine what could be contributing and what the possible solutions are. I would have the PD RN observe a complete CAPD exchange to ensure the flushing of lines step is done to avoid air infusion. If all is ruled out there may be further testing warranted as determined by her Nephrologist and PCP. Its care givers like you that help to advocate for the dialysis patients. We appreciate all that you do.
    M Cassin RN CPDN
    Nashua, NH