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  • Tattoos

    I was told by someone that you cannot get a transplant if you have tattoos.
    Has anyone ever heard this?

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    Re: Tattoos

    I haven't heard that...yet. Maybe it has something to do with the dyes in the ink that they use?? Maybe someone else on here will know for sure.


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      Re: Tattoos

      I have never heard of it either.
      I am concerened because if our daughter inherits my husband's PKD
      she will be out of luck. She has tattoos.


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        Re: Tattoos

        You can have tatoos removed. I don't know what the cost is or if it is painful or not.


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          Re: Tattoos

          Hi all, I did a little internet surfing and this is what I came up with regarding tattoos:

          This is the website I got this info from and this is the name of the brochure

          Learning about Hepatitis C and Chronic Kidney Disease

          The infected blood would be the Hepatitis C

          Having contact with sharp instruments contaminated with infected blood, such as needles used for tattooing, body piercing and acupuncture. (These needles should be carefully cleaned and disinfected before use, or disposable needles should be used.)

          If you are planning to get a tattoo or body piercing, make sure the people performing these services follow strict infection control measures, such as washing hands and using disposable gloves and sterilized instruments.

          So I am guessing here that Hepatitis C is the issue. There is more in the brochure, I just did a cut and paste about the tattoos.

          I hope this helps a little bit.


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            Re: Tattoos


            A tattoo, in and of itself, has nothing to do with the ability to receive a transplant. There are many, may people with tattoos who have received organ transplants.

            Some docs/transplant teams strongly advise against getting a tattoo after you get a transplant, but there are different opinions regarding this. A member of this forum got a tattoo after her transplant.

            Like Wendy stated, it is more a concern regarding the contracting of diseases that could put your kidney at risk of failure. Also, if you currently have a disease (such as Hep C), the transplant issue becomes more complicated (though not necessariliy impossible).

            I am guessing that the information you received about having a tattoo and not being able to receive a kidney was confused with the concern about patients getting tattoos after a transplant.

            I am on the UNOS list and am planning on getting a tattoo soon. (Because I don't think my doc will be thrilled with me getting one after).

            Be well.
            Diagnosed Stage 2 CKD (lupus) 1985
            PD March 2009-present
            On Transplant List
            Husband is a match (undecided about that for now)


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              Re: Tattoos

              Thank you all for your responses. I had surfed the net and couldn't find anything.
              That makes me feel so much better but I am going to try and convince her to not grt any more tattoos.


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                Re: Tattoos

                hey ..

                I have heard about this one from someone else also.
                I think you should make again a search about this.
                Please make search in Google. It may help you.


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                  Re: Tattoos

                  i never heard that as well. but what is the connection with the tatoos? in getting a transplant? is there a connection with that?


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                    I dont think so since my friend had his transplant and he have multiple tatoos on his body. Chino Hills Metal Roofing


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                      No, it is not true. I know a lot of people who have it and they are all fine with their bodies. dumpster rental brooklyn


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                        I hope that is not true because many people will have a hard time if that is true. I haven't heard that before, though. we should consult the experts about this. basement waterproofing brooklyn


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                          they say doctors do not recommend it but I think think there is a waiting period of 6 months before a person with tattoo can make an organ transplant. tile installation miami gardens


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                            It's a myth. You can still have a transplant especially if you are the donor but there will be processed that would take six months to almost a year but of course it's better to consult a doctor. concrete driveway repair brooklyn


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                              That's obviously a myth! A have loved-ones who have undergone surgeries and they have tattoos. They're perfectly fine! Park Dia