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early stage Chronic Kidney Disease

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  • early stage Chronic Kidney Disease

    After reading about Jeff's book in this thread, I figured this was the place to ask my question. I've written a book about the early stages - what we face, how to deal with it, what the tests mean, why we take them, diet, exercise, friends, etc - but don't know where it should be placed to meet others like me who were confused and very frightened when first diagnosed. I thought of support groups, but they all seem to be online like this one. Suggestions?

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    Re: early stage Chronic Kidney Disease

    You might private message Glo (username--jeffmoore). I'm sure she would be of help with marketing tips for your book. I think it's wonderful to have a book to help people with the early stages of CKD.
    May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

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      Re: early stage Chronic Kidney Disease

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