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cushion for dialysis chair?

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  • cushion for dialysis chair?

    My 92 year old father recently started dialysis and while the recliner at the center looks comfortable, he finds it agonizingly uncomfortable. Someone suggested a gel mat or gel mattress. Anyone have a suggestion about this--where to get one, or perhaps another solution.

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    HI!---YA, If you check with a MEDICAL SUPPLY store in your town---they will help you get a cushion for you DAD! Look in your yellow pages of the phone book for the names! OR ask the nurse @ the Dialysis center. They might have a suggestion! SOON, I start Dialysis too, as my kidneys WILL fail during a hip surgery--I HAVE to have . I will get a permacath[neck] started during surgery-when they fail!---SO, I have been wondering about how it will be in the CHAIR for me too! This form has been VERY helpful and educating for ME!----Hope you find some answers here too!---I wish you well, and your DAD can sit in comfort!---HOPE I HELPED with MY suggestion!--Hang in there! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!----BJ


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      Hopefully the cusion will help your chair.

      I have gotten back problems from the chairs being too big where I go unfortunately.

      Hope your sugery goes well and they give you a bed afterwards.

      last time i had surgery they had no beds, so I had to be in a chair everytime I went to the was agonizing!


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        HI!---THANKS!---I did-NOT know they had beds either! In fact, I should go visit the Department--before my surgery--May 30th. I wonder if they will let me? I can asked==right? How is your back now? Are you more comfortable now during the procedure?---GOOD LUCK to you too! GOD BLESS YOU!----BJ


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          Alot of units have only reclining chairs. Some, in fact most hospital-affiliated facilities do use beds. Where I dialized only the chairs are available and they did a number on my neck. If you find only chair availability, use a pillow that fits under the neck, take a blanket for warmth (dialysis tends to lower the body temp) and sometimes a pillow for the rear end. The chairs recline quite far back and when prepared, can be fairly comfortable. Your hip will probably cause the most discomfort. Talk to you later.
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          Tx: 7/28/2005
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            Hey!---I went to visit the Dialysis Unit here in town yesterday! Just to check it out!--I called there first--they said--come on in!--So, I and my Grandaughter went for a visit!---No beds noted--reclining chairs! They will open their NEW unit the first part of JULY!! Might have beds then? Will have more chairs!---BUT, I will BRING MY PILLOWS, and BLANKET!!--Maybe afew MORE things too!----THANKS!! That is GOOD TO KNOW! Have a GOOD-DAY EVERYONE!!!!-----BJ


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              It is good for you to go and check out your center before dialysis starts, even talk to a patient to see what they think about the center. In my center there is a room with a bed in there, but only one. We have nice comfortable recliners for the other part of the center. When I started dialysis I was in the hospital so they started giving me dialysis in the hospital, they just wheeled my bed into a room with the machines.Good luck to you and remember to always ask questions if you have any, and learn all you can. Sue


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                dialysis chair

                My husband found the recliner to be very uncomfortable so I went to a foam place and had a piece of memory foam cut to fit the chair, along with a small piece to fit into the small of his back. It works great. That kind of foam costs about 12.00 for a piece to fit. You can also find the foam at Joann's fabric stores and some other fabric or upholstery stores. If you have a mattress factory near you, you could probably get a nice piece for less than that. Don't go too thin, but at least 2 inches would be good. I made a cover for Bob's cushion out of a fabric remnant and it works better because he can slide on and off rather than sticking to the foam. Hope this helps.


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                  If you find only chair availability, use a pillow that fits under the neck, take a blanket for warmth (dialysis tends to lower the body temp) and sometimes a pillow for the rear end.


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