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To any one that relates to me.. question , and answers From Terry T.

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  • To any one that relates to me.. question , and answers From Terry T.

    My husband been recieveing treatment at Davita since 2015 about 3yrs he been on 10 medications ,right now he's having a little problem getting his blood presure down at the best number's , he's on 4 meds regarding this ;we would like to know if any one going thru this , our numbers were alway's 75/130 and now there 99/169 Thank's A Million to all ,My prayer's and wonderful thought's are withu all.

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    Ask your Dr how you can et it down. I have the same problem, lots of meds too. I watch my sodium, and walk a lot. Still can't keep it down. I'm 63 egfr 22. Many comorbidities.


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      I am having just the opposite problem Terry. I have had blood pressure as low as 79/49 and believe me, you don't want him to have that! I think mine (whether higher or lower) depends on what I eat. When I was off the site for a while, most nights I would have a bowl of ice cream or sugared cereal and the next day my BP was through the roof. Now I don't eat anything and it's been 105/78 or somewhere around there. I have to check my BP 3 times a day and I get the same results if I eat something I'm not supposed to. You, of course, by this time know what Edward can or cannot have, so what my doctor told me was that maybe it is the blood flow to the kidney's that is increasing the pressure. I had a stent put in my one kidney I have left, and ever since then the BP has been pretty good. Good luck, Chris


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