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  • Anxiety/Depression???

    May I ask if anyone here takes anything for anxiety/depression???
    If so what??

    I have been on different type anxiety drugs for many yrs (started back yrs ago after my mother died). Tried different ones. I would feel better, then get off them.....then feel worse & get back on them,,,, the last drug I took was Effexor. I think it caused alot of weight gain & I have a problem in that area anyway. Last March almost a yr ago now I stopped it slowly...(it was awful getting off it) but I felt I had no emotions, could't cry when I should etc. I've actually made it FINE being off any type drug like this until close to the holidays & it hasn't left yet...

    It's not just the holiday blues some people like me might get from lot's of loss of family, but all the pain in my body.

    I hate to really come to you all so strong today but I'm at a loss what to do I have something wrong from my head to my feet & I just don't know what to see about first!!! I don't "feel" like going through alot of test.

    I had rotator cuff surgery over a yr ago. I still can sleep on that right side for the pain. The dr. feels from the MRI he may need to do surgery again. I also have a tear in the left rotator cuff!! It hurts to sleep on the left too. I have to sleep on my back so I get little sleep.... I have a bad back & I couldn't do the therapy on my shoulder (rotator cuff) correctly because it hurt my thoracic upper back so....(that's why I didn't get over the surgery) & I see no need to have it again, He has given me steroid injections every 3 mos or longer if I can stand it for the pain but the tear is back.

    I have pvc's, &pac''s & this high blood pressure every evening.... I "feel" these skips & when the pressure is high it gets scary. When the nurse practioner changed my beta blocker last wk. To Bystolic to help the skips & the BP, she first mentioned me wearing a monitor then said "oh I see you wore one a yr ago". So no need to ck. Me again??? But I wasn't having this continued BP like I am now either. I'm disgusted with Dr's.

    I DO need to walk for my BP like Maria said & for my circulation but I have a " Morton's Neuroma" on my foot . I was scheldued for surgery but cancelled it when my BP started going crazy.

    I have neuropathy pain, Pain all over, lots of fatigue. I've been diagnosed with MS. I walk fine. My main symptoms of MS are fatigue & memory problems.

    Then the kidneys....diagnosed 2011 with CKD stage 3. I see the Neph. Again 1/10. To see how that is doing. I'm keeping a UTI infection off & on.

    So, I have problems with what to cook & eat cause I don't feel like cooking.

    Dumb question..... I like turkey meat. If I buy a turkey breast to cook, is that considered " processed meat" ??? I bought last wk...turkey processesd... 2ouces were 230 sodium but I figured I am only eating 1 slice at a time , half = 115....but with my high BP I better not eat that. That is the first time I've bought anything for me to eat that is processed...I just thought it was pretty low.

    Thank you again for listening to me again today.

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    Re: Anxiety/Depression???

    I forgot to add.....I have a new presc. For zoloft. Thinking I may need to take it. My heart pounds so at night when I go to bed & that's when I know my BP is up.

    Does anyone here take this & if you do do you take it at night??

    I've wondered about Cymbalta....says works for pain & depression.


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      Re: Anxiety/Depression???

      I'm bumping this - just to see if I get any comments on the 1st question -

      How many take something for anxiety/depression & what if you don't mind saying.

      Sorry how I rambled last night. I feel really bad about every other day. Yesterday was the bad day. Today is some better.

      I hope I didn't scare everyone off from jumping from one thing to another. I just figured while here go on & say or ask whatever I needed to. I guess I should have put the turkey question under the proper nutrition area.


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        Re: Anxiety/Depression???

        Depression is the worst! I can deal with all the physical crap that goes on with Wegener's, but not being myself is horribly tough. Jim


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          Re: Anxiety/Depression???

          I take Busparine [buspar] for anxiety this helps my anger as well according to hubby. I know I feel much calmer and still very alert
          Diabetic oct 2011
          CKD Diagnosed 2009
          GFR range 22-33 goes up and down


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            Anxiety and depression may lead to erectile dysfunction among men. depression have occur in different way such as office work load, stress, lose confident and most important thing is that erectile dysfunction. is online trusted pharmacy provide generic drugs for men, women health with cheapest price. Generic Levitra For Men at is best and usefulness generic medication.


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              The causes of depression are complex. Genetic, biological, and environmental factors can contribute to its development. In some people, depression can be traced to a single cause, while in others, a number of causes are at play.


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                The main cause of today's mind related issues is lack of social relationships. A busy work routine and less time for any type of amusement activity with friends and family are both put pressure on our mind, and lead to stress and depression. Must devote some moments from your busy routine to social life, this will be very beneficial for mental as well as physical fitness in long run.
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                  I'm on Celexa, Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Clonazepam, and Seroquel. The meds seem to help with depression/anxiety but it took a little tweaking to get the right dosages. Don't give up!! I still have my bad days but not like they used to be. All it takes is finding the right doctor (one that actually listens) and to trust yourself!


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                    My name is Julie. I got off antidepressants an did alright for a little while, but discovered I
                    I needed something. Now I am on Cymbalta because the neuropathy got so bad I could hardly walk.the pain was
                    Unbearable and I thought I would have to quit my job. The Cymbalta was a God send. I am back at work and nearly
                    Pain free. It took almost a month before I felt any relief, but it is great. I laugh when stuff is funny. I cry when
                    My friends cry. I love it. My copayment is high (60.00). But it is worth it. Ask your Doctor if it is right for you.


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                      Of course, as i think that no other person could control on your feeling of depression and anxiety other than yourself. As to control these issues you just need to keep cool and calm and try to be more socialize make new friends and have some fun. Just like, As Problem Shared is a Problem Halved, and Rough Seas requires Friend. . .Ships.
                      So, no medication for the above problems, just be happy and omit the rest.


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                        Dealing with depression means dealing with life,Very hard to sustain yourself in that moment of more


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                          Try some of the following tips this will help you to reduce the problem of Anxiety and depression
                          Be more active
                          Keeping in touch with friends and family
                          Don’t avoid the things you find difficult.
                          Don’t drink too much alcohol
                          Have a proper sleep
                          Try some Meditation or Use deep breathing exercise
                          Yoga, Aerobic Exercise
                          Have a Proper Diet
                          Aromatherapy is also a best way to reduce stress
                          Think positively and be persistent
                          Share your problems


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                            That looks good to me! Thanks for posting!


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                              The risk of depression/anxiety are many, Need to consult with the psychologist before starting the treatment with the help of medications. Most of the time antidepressant drugs have many adverse effects on the health. Here are the tips to fight with depression naturally and not having any negative results
                              This is my personal advice that try to reduce the stress level with the help of breathing exercises or yoga. You may see the best results with in few weak.