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Taste buds destroyed / food awful

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  • Taste buds destroyed / food awful

    I’m a caregiver for my wife who has been on dialysis for 7 months now ... for the last month she has and still is experiencing constant dry mouth , food tasting awful to the point of loss of appetite and (as a direct result I imagine) differing levels of depression.
    Can’t seem to get any hints or suggestions from nurses or Dr. ?

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    I am a hemodialysis patient with the same problem. I have been sucking on hard candies - Werther's and Altoid's - to help with dry mouth between meals. When I am eating a meal, I take a sip of water after each bite. The water helps by replacing the saliva I don't have and by helping food to taste good. I haven't found anything else that works for me. There is a mouth wash called Biotene that keeps your mouth wet. It has a nice minty flavor.

    I take walks each day to help with my depression. I have avoided medicating for depression, however it is an option.

    Post with any questions and I will try to answer them.


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      Hi, My name is Patti and I have been on PD do 7 years. For a while now I feel my brain is not functioning that well anymore. It seems to be getting worse. Forgetting things and lately not knowing where I am or what I was doing or going to do. Very scary as this has never been me. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms?


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        Sad to hear the things you've experiencing right now! I am hoping we will heal sooner. Keep positive guys. Click here


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          This reminds me of my friend. Hoping your wife feels better soon.

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            As a result of their treatment patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease commonly display characteristic oral manifestations such as taste alteration, taste loss, and dry mouth. My mom from Dover helps eliminate theses symptoms by chewing sugar-free gum.


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              Our neighbor was a hemodialysis patient with the same problem until now. Hoping she fell better soon.
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