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  • Cramping

    I wanted to know has anyone has experience cramping the next day or night after treatment. I've been having this I'm usually 1 unit over my dry weight or under.

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    You are basically getting contractions, cleaning out your system and contracting your uterus back to size. If you need to empty your bowels they can been worse! I had these on and off during my two weeks of m/c and even more so (probably to the extent that you are having them) during my next period. All you can really do is take panadol and use a wheatpack. There's no rule as to how long they take, it varies from person to person.
    The other thing I wasn't expecting when I m/c was the baby blues. You might have heard of these, most women experience them after giving birth to a baby - when the pg hormones drop off you can feel a little depressed. It's not just grief but it will pass. Baby blues usually come at about the 3-4 day after birth/loss and can last just a few days, not really more than a week.

    Big hugs! It's a horrible thing to go through, the physical and emotional all together. I'm so sorry for your loss
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