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Living with CKD and my life changes

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  • Living with CKD and my life changes

    I'm 24 years old and living with chronic kidney disease and I have definitely had lifestyle changes in this. I've had some changes and new experiences both good and bad. Notably, as I was first diagnosed with stage 3 in April and now have gone down to stage 4 even though I took good care of myself, I have noticed some changes. I am now more worried about what the future can hold for me. I take it one day at a time to cope with CKD and even more reasonably take it one day at a time than I did before diagnosis even though CKD is not a death sentence, because I don't know what the future has in store for me. I haven't really felt many symptoms, if any at all. I snack mostly on fruits and vegetables, which helped me lose weight in the first couple months after diagnosis from April to June this year, as I was overweight in April and then dropped to a healthy weight. I was more on eating snacks with a lot of chili and lemon last year, which raised my weight, but that also did not cause CKD in me. Being so young makes it especially overwhelming living with CKD but I have ways to cope easily with it. I have been rarely eating out, less than before though before diagnosis of CKD I also did not go eating out that often either. I have realized that I am strong and am able to withstand so much stuff. I know realize of having so many blessings than I did before diagnosis of CKD. I am more considerate to not take things for granted. I am realizing how life is still worth living in this disease. I find out to keep going until we can't go on anymore. I realize even more about the importance of eating healthily. I realize how one can be with a serious illness with an uncertain future but realize how it can also serve to learn more. I've now learned about food restrictions and can strike anyone, if it's hard it's hard but it doesn't have to be that way. I've never had more lifestyle changes than with CKD. It is truly changing my life.

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    I am currently in Stage 2. I have been in CKD 1 for over 30 years. I'm currently 49 years old and was born with a birth defect, kidney reflux, which damaged my kidneys 70% on 1 kidney and 30% other kidney. My kidney function has been normal until a couple of years ago. I started passing protein in my urine; but labs were normal. So I cut back on protein a little bit. Now my labs are changing and I'm in Stage 2. I'm overweight and I have attempted to lose weight multiple times; but this diagnosis really has woken me up. I'm eating the kidney healthy diet 1450 - 1500 calories per day. Eating low salt, cooking everything from scratch and learning new recipes found on Davita sight. They are very helpful. I know both of you are young, but ya'll can do this. Take care of your body; eat right and if you continue to progress don't feel bad. It is meant to be and you do your best to get the care you need. Take one day a time and don't think about what is coming down the road; but prepare for what is coming down the road.


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      keep taking care of yourself and you'll be a good candidate for transplant when the time comes.


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        You need to continue to eat healthy and take more care of yourself. Your treatment will get better
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          I found out in 2014 I was stage 3 kidney failure due to a heart catheraztion that had to be redone.I had to make life changes due to other health issues. heart and type 2 diabteic.