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  • My story and inspiration

    I am now a new dialysis person. I got diagnosed with kidney disease in 2016. I had some urine and blood tests in a clinic in my area for a medical checkup in November 2015, and didn't get the results until about the beginning of 2016. I got diagnosed at the age of 23.

    Glomerulonephritis is the cause of my kidneys losing their function. I also tested with high urine protein in 2004 and 2005. If I had been diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 12 or 13, though, I would have been sad to have a special diet to follow while other kids had no dietary restrictions. Now I know how to properly take care of myself so it's not so overwhelming for me to have been diagnosed at age 23.

    I deal with Asperger's syndrome, valley fever and kidney disease. It's hard to deal with them but I also remain positive.

    Last week I began to be on dialysis on Thursday. I was scared of the treatment when I was diagnosed with kidney problems in 2016, but not anymore. I am now 29 years old in Fresno, California.

    I enjoy the renal support network. I want to write an essay for the 2022 essay contest from such organization, because I am so good with writing and I want to inspire others. I sure would love to write about my kidney disease journey.

    I started being on a waiting list for a kidney transplant in 2018. I wish for my new kidney to last a long time if I get a kidney transplant within the next few years.

    I am not feeling down from being on dialysis. I write in my diary. I watch my favorite TV show of Masha and the Bear in different languages, all on YouTube. I am learning Romanian and Russian right now. I listen to music that I love. I want to play tennis. I am a non-denominational Christian and tend to pray. I walk at times. Soon I want to move to a two-story house in Fresno, California.

    In Masha and the Bear the little girl Masha does not give up and neither do I.

    With kidney disease I have learned to not fail to appreciate or value things. I follow and give the advice of "Don't take anything for granted. Think about how your life will be like with your parents gone while listening to a sad song." I can even cry thinking about this.

    I am finding a Russian girlfriend on some Russian dating apps. I am able to communicate in Russian more now due to studying that language. Within the next few years I want to get married.

    I have a major motivation to keep going and not give up. I know that no matter what life is awesome. I know I have so many blessings.

    I remain optimistic while dealing with kidney disease, Asperger's syndrome and the valley fever. Even though I have my kidneys failing I do have other organs like my liver and my stomach working well.

    Masha and the Bear is awesome. The little girl Masha in not giving up motivates me to not give up either. I am looking forward to the new implantable artificial kidney and advances in kidney transplants too, so I could get one or more of the upcoming treatments for kidney failure.

    I am going on until I can't go on anymore.

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    You have an point!


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