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Maybe "odd" question about PKD

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  • Maybe "odd" question about PKD

    I've been on dialysis for about 3.5 years - with kidney failure, secondary to polycystic kidney disease. Over the past 6 months, or so, I've felt as though my kidneys must be getting "too big", in there. The best analogy I can give will be understood by women who've been pregnant - you know that feeling, in the third trimester, when the baby's getting so big that his/her feet/arms/legs/head pushes up under your ribs and it's not's just really uncomfortable...? That's the way I, frequently, feel - as though my kidneys are, either pushing up into my ribs, or pushing something else up there. I can feel them on the front of my abdomen, just below my ribs - it used to be when I turned my body a little bit, one way or the other, that I could feel one kidney on the turned side of my abdomen. Now I don't even have to turn or lay down, or anything...I can just feel them bulging out on the sides of my abdomen.
    Can anyone validate these feelings - please, could someone tell me I'm not the only one to experience this weird "feeling"..? I suppose there's nothing that can be done about it, but it might be reassuring just to know that others have experienced this - even better, of course, if you have also found some way to relieve this "pressure", that you can share with me...

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    Yes. Enlarged kidneys due to the cysts are very common with PKD. If it begins affecting your breathing or eating, you need to talk to your nephrologist.


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      I have a enlarged kidneys,plus I had a infection that would not go away.They did a scan and the left one was causing all the problem's.They took out my left kidney,the Dr said it was a big as a football.( I forgot to tell the them to take a picture )I wonder way the scar was so big.the pressure I had before the surgery,was bad i.I walked around holding my belly ,you would have thought I was pregnant.Now they are worried about my liver,it never ends.I know this does not help you at all DanCars but I hope you feel better


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        Yep that is normal with PKD, mine is on the right and goes clear over to the belly butbutton. Tuff on having your pants fit right.😝