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Permission to Film/Photograph patient while on dilaysis

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  • Permission to Film/Photograph patient while on dilaysis


    I've been kindly asked by my friend to film a short documentary of his journey to get a kidney transplant and raise awareness about the process of donating a kidney (his own wife turned out to be a match and she's the live donor), and he is receiving dialysis services at DaVita Southern Lane Dialysis located at 1840 Southern Ln Decatur, GA 30033.

    I contacted the clinic on 5/27/13 and Ms. Arion Lowery told me to fax her a letter to ask for permission to film on morning of 6/3/13, just my friend and no one else, and she will send it to corporate for approval. I faxed the letter on 5/28/13, and also my friend (DaVita patient) took it there in person, today, and the social worker (Beverly - don't remember her last name) said "they don't allow any filming in the clinic at all." Nobody contacted me directly to give me an answer or a reason for this answer that my friend received from Beverly, the social worker.

    For this short documentary only one patient will be filmed (my friend), nonintrusive, there will be no dialogue for this part at the Dialysis center and I will not disturb the other patients during treatment, or the nurses. Basically just film a few seconds of him sitting on the chair, a few indicators on the dialysis machine he is attached to, him holding hands with his wife, etc - bits and pieces. I will be a very short time observer and I travel light (one camera and one monopod) in these situations so I can move at once if needed.

    I'd like to get in touch with someone that is from the media department and elevate my request for permission to them.

    Please provide a contact name, email address or contact number.

    Time is of the essence as the kidney transplant is scheduled on 6/14/13.

    Thanks in advance!